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Dates: 1997 Sept 20, 21

München, Deutschland

  • Using the first day of our Eurail Pass, we caught the early morning train from Amsterdam to Munich, Germany.
  • Arrived at Munich's Hauptbahnhof (Main Train station) in the afternoon.
  • Searching for the American Express office (to cash some Travellers Cheques) ,we were disappointed to find that the office closed at noon on Saturdays (Sept 20) and closed all day Sunday. We had to cash our cheques at a Currency Exchange (which charges a hefty commission).
  • Because it was Oktoberfest, all the hotels and hostels were booked! Luckily, an old lady (vulture) spotted us and offered us a room for 45 Deutschmarks per night per person. Given the situation, we accepted the offer. Her home was located in east Munich, off the Trudering subway stop.
  • To our surprise, we found out she had no hot water ....... but if one needed to bathe, she would boil up some water for 5 Deutschmarks. Needless to say, I did not bathe! Room rating: GOOD (1 night) ..... nice room and plush, warm blankets; rating would have been higher if there was hot water.
  • We did the Oktoberfest. It was quite interesting. Located at Theresienwiese, Oktoberfest resembled a country fair, complete with cotton candy, rides, and games. The difference though, is that people are obviously intoxicated and wearing leiderhaussen(sp). The beer mugs are big (approximately 2.2 pints) and heavy.
  • Because of Oktoberfest, many of the museums were closed on the 21st (Sunday). We would have stayed on until Monday, but museums and galleries are normally closed Monday.
  • Visited the Glockenspiel of Munich's Town Hall; click here to view the panorama!
  • The plan: take an overnight train to our next destination - Venice, Italy.

For more information about Munich, visit Munich Online.

For information about Oktoberfest, visit the Oktoberfest Web Site.

Our lodgings in Munich The Town Hall Clock Tower (Glockenspiel).
Reading Deutsch newspapers? Having a beer at Oktoberfest.
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