Chany's 2020 Trip To
Rockglen, SK (Canada)

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Rockglen, Saskatchewan Trip - Purpose
2020 was the year of COVID-19, and along with it came many restrictions when it came to travel. With most international destination requiring quarantine or being closed to tourists, this year, it was a trip within Canada to a small town in Saskatchewan called Rockglen. Why Rockglen? Well, a friend was helping renovate the only motel in Rockglen, so I tagged along to help and experience a small town on the Canadian Prairies.

Map - Rockglen Location

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This map shows where Rockglen is located in Canada

Rockglen is located in southern Saskatchewan, in the Burning Hills area of the Wood Mountain Uplands.

Arriving in Rockglen

We arrived from the north to Rockglen, via Highway 2. One is greeted upon arrival to the town by the landmark Rockglen Grain Elevator.

My accomodations in Rockglen was at the Rockglen Motel. The main reason I was in Rockglen was to assist in the renovations of the motel. However, as the weather forecast was nice, I decided to make it a working vacation.

The Town of Rockglen

This is a view of downtown Rockglen, located on Centre Street. The first picture is looking North East up Centre Street, with the Dreamland Movie Theatre at the end of the road. The second picture is looking South West down Centre Street, with the movie theatre behind.

For gasoline/fuel, home repair, and farm supplies, the only place in town is the CO-OP Home and Agro centre.

Located in front of the Rockglen Tourism office is "Oliver", a sculpture of a Mastadont (an elephant like mammal) made from metal machinery parts. Mastadonts were found in the Rockglen area as recently as 11,000 years ago before their extinction.

The "Not So Flat" Prairies

The area around Rockglen was not glaciated in the last ice age, so contrary to popular belief that the prairies are completely flat, it is actually quite hilly around Rockglen.

The town of Rockglen is actually hilly and is located at the base of a hill to the north. This is a view of the town from Highway 2, looking north.

One has to head north of Rockglen approximately 33 km before we leave the Wood Mountain Uplands and we get the classic "flat" prairies. Here was a large field of hay bales, a classic image of Saskatchewan and the prairies.

Rockglen, Saskatchewan Trip - Prologue

Beggars can't be choosy, so with the the restrictions to International travel, travelling within Canada was a good alternative to staying home.

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